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Addiction Recovery In Paradise

The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center is a world-class alcohol and drug abuse treatment facility on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our single Intensive Outpatient Treatment program is integrated within a sober living environment. After successfully detoxing, Clients join our integrated IOP/SLE program for 30-120 days on their path to recovery in Hawaii.

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Holistic Therapy

The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center uses a holistic approach for drug and alcohol treatment in addition to our different therapies. Mindfulness and meditation are effective in enhancing recovery and promoting abstinence from substance abuse. Our program highlights meditation based training centered in Hawaiin spiritual traditions, yoga, equestrian therapy, and ecopsychology which can be strong tools for maintaining sobriety.


Adventure Therapy

The Ohana offers adventures into the wild of Hawaii as a part of our treatment program. Our adventure therapy program helps clients develop self-esteem, introduces them to sober hobbies, and helps conquer fear. Part of what makes a family are the experiences shared with one another. As clients adventure together, an Ohana is built with peers.

Our Admissions Process

Through an initial phone screening, we will ask you a series of questions that help paint a picture of the individual you are and your needs. From there, we will answer any questions and give you a list of items to bring with you on your 30-120 day journey with us before your admission to The Ohana.