Tap into the present moment

Meditation is an ancient practice that dates back to as far as 5,000 BCE. There are various meditation techniques, such as visualization, focusing on breath, body scans, and more that can be used to center and tap into the present moment. Different from meditation, mindfulness is a quality that can be brought into every day tasks such as eating, walking, doing dishes, etc. Mindfulness involves intentional attention to what is happening in the moment.

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness

Being able to bring yourself into the present moment is a phenomenal skill that helps reduce stress, anxiety, pain, and depression. Additionally, it expands your capacity to take in the good in your life as you are able to observe and breakthrough thought patterns that often focus on what is lacking. Meditation and mindfulness help reduce risk of relapse and help clients attain long-term recovery by:
Increase ability to be present
Increase self-awareness
Decrease stress and anxiety

How meditation and mindfulness are implemented

At The Ohana, we begin every day with a morning meditation where clients set an intention that they will bring into their day. We have found that clients greatly benefit from this practice so we make sure to implement it every single day, regardless of the day's other activities.  In addition to morning meditations, clients receive education on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. During these classes, they learn about the history and science of meditation and are introduced to various meditation techniques so they can find what resonates with them. Time is allotted in the evening for clients to practice meditation or reflect in another way that feels best for them. Mindfulness is a quality that we incorporate in every activity that clients participate in - whether staying at the center, going to the gym, or adventuring around the island. We teach our clients to practice being totally attentive to the activity happening in the moment The end result: Clients learn how to separate themselves from their thoughts and become observers of their mental patterns. By separating from negative thought patterns, clients are able to tap into what is actually happening in the present moment. This is an invaluable skill clients are able to practice anywhere, anytime, as they progress through their recovery journey.

Want to cut down the incessant chatter in your head? Contact us to learn more about meditation and mindfulness at The Ohana