When a patient reaches that point where they want to delve deeper into the “why” of addiction, they are ready to enter our Intensive Outpatient Program. The Ohana believes that all addiction stems from trauma, and with the help of trauma informed care and EMDR Therapy, patients will be able to explore that in a safe and healthy way with one-on-one therapy provided to the patient.

The Ohana Holistic Program builds the foundation of mindfulness in everyday application--whether it be mindful music, yoga, meditation, help build spiritual principles, or a four agreements practice.

Our education provides the ability to be vulnerable, explore how the body reacts to trauma through biofeedback, see how addiction affects the brain, traverse the interpersonal relationships we have with others, and the complexity of their family dynamics.

With our daily process groups, patients have the ability to practice vulnerability with one another. And as Brene Brown puts it, “vulnerability is the path back to each other.” Through vulnerable connections, patients will have a crucible to build a sober ohana, and with it, their ohana back home.